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Today we have a fabulous guest post from Marie-Paule Graham, a travel writer for Chalet Finder, “the online portal to help find unforgettable ski chalet destinations and dream ski accommodation for the perfect honeymoon.” For those of you who would rather have a snowy adventure on your honeymoon rather than lie on a beach. I don’t know about you, but I think snuggling by the fire after a day in the snow sounds pretty romantic! Thanks for sharing with us today Marie!

Not-So-Obvious Honeymoon Destinations

Okay, you’ve met this guy, the dating went well, he proposed, you’ve got married, now here comes the best part…

Your Honeymoon is probably the most important holiday you’ll ever take! After the stress of arranging your perfect day and getting yourself up the Aisle on time, you want to kick back and bask in the gorgeous flood of excitement and love you have for the person you’ve just married. These are the first days of the rest of your life together; but where to spend them?

Reijo Juurinen


Lapland is a region of Scandinavia that straddles four countries: Norway, Sweden, Finland and a small corner of Russia and sits predominantly in the Arctic Circle. Why would you want to spend your honeymoon in the Arctic Circle?

Lapland is a place where the wilderness has won out over civilization. Its snowy wastes are dramatic, tranquil and picturesque. Tourism is welcome and the region extends a warm welcome to those who venture this far north. Nowhere else in the world can you ride with Husky sleds, herd Reindeer, drive across frozen lakes on Snowmobiles and learn to ski in a truly off-piste environment.

Lapland is also a great place to see The Northern Lights. The most reliable time is between November and March. Travel up to the tiny village of Nellim, nestled on the shores of Lake Inari. Here you can stay in a luxury chalet with sauna. Take a Reindeer skin out onto the frozen lake and sit while the Aurora Borealis pulsates and dances above you.


A little closer to the Equator and set firmly within western civilisation is Austria; a country in central Europe made up almost entirely of mountains, except for a small area in the east around its romantic capital, Vienna. Not only is Vienna very romantic, it’s also the coffee capital of Europe (don’t tell Paris, though). Whether you visit in winter, or summer, there will be spectacular scenery to greet you. Skiing season begins around October and usually finishes around April – all weather dependant, of course.

Lech is the Monte Carlo of the skiing world and plays host to the rich and royal from across the globe. While there are plenty of upmarket hotels to cater to your every whim, there are also many family-run hotels that offer an excellent service without requiring you to take on a debt the size of Europe.

Ski chalet-style accommodation is also available year-round and some are extremely luxurious, including open fire, spa and media centre. There are also catered ski chalets on offer, so you can enjoy all the privacy of a ski chalet break without lifting a finger.

Jouni Laaksomies


If you really want tranquil combined with adventure, but don’t like arctic temperatures, The Pyrenees Mountains might suit you. The beautiful and jagged border region between France and Spain is teeming with wildlife and its pockets of civilisation offer culture rich with flavour and history. Skiing, snowboarding and snow hiking are popular in winter, and white-water rafting, climbing, horse-back riding and cycling are enjoyed by couples and families in summer. The region has a bountiful supply of guesthouses, chalets and chateaux’s.


Kate (Bayside Bride) - March 14, 2012 - 12:40 am

All of these places sound wonderful. I have always thought about a snowy honeymoon!

bree [capitolromance] - March 14, 2012 - 1:49 pm

even though its hitting 80 in DC lately ~ i absolutely LOVE this post. I really am craving going skiing right now!

Honeymoon Destinations - March 20, 2012 - 11:28 am

Well written!
There are so many great honeymoon destinations around the world like Bali, Thailand etc.
These places have so much to explore and are so beautiful for a perfect romantic honeymoon trip.

Christian1974 - January 26, 2013 - 6:18 pm

I have always thought Kitzbuhel or Saas Fee would be a nice place to honeymoon!

Keep on looking on and planning a trip!

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