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I’m still on vacation, relaxing under the pine trees, and sleeping under the stars. 😉 Today I have an awesome guest post for you from Scatch Weddings, on how to choose a DJ.

Scratch Weddings is the leading provider of highly skilled, experienced, and affordable marquee-level DJ talent for weddings. Their DJs love to perform at weddings and have collaborated with major recording artists such as Lady Gaga, The Black Eyed Peas, and Michael Jackson. You can also find them spinning at high-profile corporate events, music festivals, and the nation’s most respected clubs and lounges. Scratch Weddings offers each couple their choice of DJ, based on their personal style, taste, and musical interests. Additionally, couples have online access to DJ bios, photos, videos, and music mixes at their website.

Scratch Weddings is available 24-7 for all your wedding music questions! Follow and tweet them at @scratchweddings and be sure to like Scratch on Facebook for more great music ideas and mixes.

So happy to have these experts here with us!

Photo via Scratch Weddings

1. Experience. Always find out what lounges, clubs, private events, recording artists or corporate clients your DJ has spun for. You want to make sure your DJ is not a one-dimensional part-timer, but a true performer who has had varied and extensive experience performing in front of different and tough audiences.

2. Flexibility. Find out if they have any issues with your “must play” list or your “do not play” list. A skilled DJ who will customize the experience will gladly accept your lists, even if they’re a mile long, and build your night based on what you provided.

3. Personalization. You want to make sure the DJ creates a soundtrack for your event based on your style, taste and vision for the night. One size does NOT fit all, and if your desire is to have a mosh pit at your wedding, you need to hire a DJ that will deliver that or anything else you want.

4. Energy. Your DJ should know and understand how to read a crowd, build the energy and keep it up all night. Since you never want there to be a lull, your DJ should effortlessly blend all genres to keep guests on the dance floor all night long.

5. Skill. Mixing and blending songs is a true skill, and only professionals know how to do this seamlessly. In fact, when it’s done correctly you shouldn’t be aware of it! Make sure your DJ’s skills are up to par so there are no awkward silences between songs.

6. Equipment. DJ equipment is akin to musical instruments and you wouldn’t expect a band to talk in with no equipment, or half of what they need! So don’t accept a DJ that doesn’t have the necessary setup.

7. Back Up. Ask your DJ what is the procedure is should an emergency occur with him/her on your wedding day. Regardless of any valid emergencies, you need to make sure you will have a DJ rocking your wedding and entertaining guests. Disasters do happen, but make sure there’s a back up in place to ensure the show will go on.

8. Familiarity. It always helps to have a DJ with experience spinning the venue of your wedding. Regardless of experience, however, a true professional will prepare ahead of time and reach out to the venue, and familiarize themselves with noise ordinance regulations or strict requirements that require special attention.

9. Crowd Pleaser. There could be instances where your guests begin to request songs that conflict with your wants. What will your DJ do? How a DJ strikes a balance to deliver on your desires while satisfying the guests’ requests is a key piece of the puzzle to ensuring everyone has a good time.

10. Personality. Always meet with your DJ ahead of time to get a sense of their personality and style. No two weddings are alike! We believe you should have a DJ that is the complete package, with the proper experience and skill, but also fits your personality and style!

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