Confessions of a Bridesmaid | Wear It Again??

I’m kind of obsessed with TLC’s Say Yes To The Dress (and Say Yes To The Dress: Atlanta. Anyone with me??) So when I heard they were coming out with Say Yes To The Dress: Bridesmaids, I was pretty stinkin’ excited. Oh, the drama when brides try to put their opinionated friends into dresses they hate. 😛

My favorite part of the movie 27 Dresses, which is one of my favorite movies, is when the brides keep telling her, “The best part is, you can shorten it and wear it again!” And she always responds, “Definitely, so true.” Because she is the consummate, agreeable bridesmaid.

I’m just going to be honest with you. Out of my seven bridesmaid dresses, there is only one, that I actually have had shortened, and am hoping to wear again. I haven’t found the occasion yet, but I feel fairly confident that I eventually will. That doesn’t mean that they weren’t all lovely, (seriously, I have not had a single nightmare dress that everyone fears) just not realistic as anything other than a bridesmaid dress.

So, brides, in case you are interested in choosing something that your girls might actually wear again, here are some tips:

1. Let your girls choose the dress. It’s your day, of course, and you should choose the general look that you want to go for. But perhaps after you choose the color, fabric, and length, you and your maids can go shop together and try to find something that fits everyone’s taste. Or, if you have a large bridal party, and that task seems daunting, maybe just bring one or two of your girls (like the maid of honor) to choose the dress – you can’t always please everybody, but two opinions are better than one!

Allyson Magda Photogrpahy via SMP

2. Consider fabrics. Unless your girls are people who regularly find themselves at black tie events, it’s unlikely that they will often have occasion to wear a satin, tulle or taffeta dress. Soft and flexible fabrics like cotton, jersey, and chiffon, (to name a few)  are much more wearable fabrics.

Cherry Blossom Girl

3. Consider cut. Most likely, if you have more than a couple of attendants, you are going to have bridesmaids with different body types. If you are sticking to one uniform dress for everyone, try to choose a style that can flatter different types. An A-line, empire waist dress, for example, is flattering on almost every body type. (If you’ve ever watched What Not To Wear, you know that almost every woman is thinnest just under the bust-line!) Or you could go for a wrap dress, like the one by Two Birds (and there are many similar options on Etsy) which the girls can arrange in whatever shape works best for their bodies.

Oeil Photography via Southern Aisle

4. Mix and Match. One of my favorite trends right now is mismatched bridesmaid dresses. As long as the dresses have some commonality (color scheme, fabric, or length) that ties them together, it tends to look great. Personally, I think it’s very aesthetically pleasing to see some variety. This is also a great way to get all your ladies in dresses they love.

Ashley Maxwell via Green Wedding Shoes

What do you think? Have you had to wear a dress you hate? Did you/are you struggling with finding dresses that work for everyone? Do share.

P.S. TLC did not pay me to endorse them. I just love that channel. 😉

Katie @ Lovebird Productions - April 7, 2012 - 12:12 am

I am in my first wedding where I get to pick my dress. I am beyond excited! I was a bride who had girls wear the same dress but they did pick that it out. Regardless I think brides are getting more flexible and the pictures couldn’t be cuter!

Bride to be - May 27, 2012 - 7:29 pm

I’ve told my ladies that they are picking their own dresses. Everyone is excited! I want them to be the same colour and around knee length, but my girls are still happy for freedom. No one has to worry about a dress that doesn’t work for them or worry about a too expensive dress.

Lisa - April 20, 2013 - 3:09 am

I have a bridesmaid dress that I woreOUT because I re-wore it so many times. My friend picked a classic black and lace dress from White House Black Market, it had a sweetheart top. I wore it to every other wedding I went to that year without feeling like I was wearing a “bridesmaid” dress…This is a great article, I’m hoping for a similar re-wearable experience for the wedding I’m in this summer!

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