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Happy Friday friends!! Today we have some fabulous practical advice for all you technology lovers. Jane from BBGeeks is sharing some great wedding planning apps for this year – hope it’s helpful! Thanks so much for sharing with us Jane!

Say “I do” to the following smart phone wedding apps

Spring is right around the corner in most parts of the world and that means that wedding season is heating up.  A wedding is one of life’s greatest joys—unless you’re the one planning it! And anyone who has planned a wedding can back me up on that one. There are countless details that somehow all need to be pulled together—such the venue, the caterer, the photographer, the dress, and the flowers…

A few years ago brides still depended on printed wedding planning books to keep all of their wish lists, guest lists, vendor contact information, and budget details. However, today there are smart phone apps that can help you with just about every wedding detail. Say “I do” when it comes to the following 5 wedding apps for your iPhone, BlackBerry, Android and HTC phones. Not only are these apps great sources of wedding inspiration as far as dress shopping, flower selection, and cake choices, they will also help you keep your big day organized and within your budget so you don’t start marriage off totally broke.

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Look to the following 5 smart phone apps for your “happily ever after”:

1. iWedding Deluxe – the Ultimate Wedding Planner ($6.99 – for iPhone)

This multi-functional wedding app is chalked-full of every tool you’ll need to plan your wedding. It’s like the mother-of-all-wedding apps! iWedding Deluxe will help you:

  • Plan a wedding budget
  • Put together a vender contact list
  • Scout out ceremony and reception locations
  • Create and delegate a task lists among your groom, bride’s maids, and mother-in-law
  • Plus, remind you of all the little things that easily get overlooked—like flowers, cake, guest list books, and guest gifts

2. Wedding Budget (Free – for iPhone)

This app does one thing really, really well: it manages your wedding budget. The Wedding Budget app will help budgeting brides (which is pretty much all of them) keep track of all costs and expenses, and remind you when to make deposits and payments to your wedding vendors. Plus, this app categorizes your wedding costs so you know, ahead of time, how much you have set aside for caterers, flowers, dress alterations, and photographer installments, etc., and it keeps a running total of just how much you’ve spent so you can decide if your wedding will have an open bar—or not!

3. Wedding Dresses (Free – for BlackBerry)

Brides are well aware that on their big day all eyes will be on them—and their dress! The Wedding Dress app is your personal bridal consultant on all things fashion. It will help you find your dream wedding gown form thousands of wedding dresses and designer collections. With accompanying photos and detailed dress descriptions, the Wedding Dresses app will be your go-to guide for bridal gowns, bridesmaid’s gowns, veils, shoes, and more!

4. Wedding Speeches (Free – for Android)

Wedding speeches are very stressful for blushing brides and grooms to make in front of a full house. That’s why the Wedding Speeches app can provide wingman duties with ready-made speeches for your big day. This app contains over 50 prewritten wedding speeches, including:

  • Bride and groom speeches
  • Best Man wedding speeches
  • Maid-of-honor speeches
  • Father-of-the-bride speeches
  • And wedding toasts for the whole dang family!

5. Gift Organizer ($3.99 – for BlackBerry)

Once the wedding is over and the gifts unwrapped, you’ll need a handy gift organizer, like the Gift Organizer app, to help you organize your gift wedding ideas and send thank you cards. This app can also be used prior to the wedding to share gift ideas and registry gifts with your wedding guests via email. This way you don’t end up with a dozen toasters.

Bio: Jane Johnson is a writer for GoingCellular, a popular site that provides cell phone related news, commentary, reviews on popular providers like T-Mobile.


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