Honoring Your Attendants

Image by Simply Bloom Photography via Love & Lavender

I can’t attribute where I read this, because I spend half my life on wedding blogs these days, but I heard this idea that I thought was really sweet and special. The idea is this: at your wedding reception, you can call out your bridal party onto the dance floor for a special dance. Of course, there is a potential for concerns about the pairings, date issues, etc. but you can work that out ahead of time with your attendants. As they each come out, your band leader, DJ, emcee, what-have-you, can say their names, and possibly a little message about them (a fun fact, how you met, etc.) I thought this was such a great way to honor your attendants and also let the rest of the guests know a bit about who they are!
Tina Milas - May 20, 2011 - 6:47 am

What a great idea! So much more personal than just having their names listed in the wedding ceremony program. Thanks for sharing!

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