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Happy Thursday everyone! Today we have Marla here from Anjolee Jewelery, sharing about accessorizing your bridal party. Welcome Marla!

While choosing the dresses is a huge part of preparing the bridal party for any wedding, so is accessorizing.  Unfortunately, this part of the process is all too often overlooked.  Don’t let that be true for your bridesmaids though.  Instead, use these tips to help you and your bridal party find the right accessories easily.

Give Them As A Gift

One of the ways you can accessorize your bridal party really easily is to give them the pieces as a gift.  Special necklaces, intricate bracelets, or unique earrings can all make a bold statement at the wedding and remind your bridal party of the special time for years to come.  Plus, it’s a great way of saying “Thank You” to them for their part in the ceremony.

Go With Your Colors

Having your bridal party all accessorize using their personal jewelry collection is an option too.  One of the ways you can do this is by asking all of the bridesmaids to wear pieces that incorporate the wedding colors.  This method of choosing accessories can help bring the entire wedding party together in a very effective way while still allowing everyone some personal style too.

Pick A Type Of Gem or Stone

Do you have a favorite gem?  Or maybe one that would look best with the dress color?  Consider using a particular gemstone as a theme for the accessories everyone wears.  Have the bridesmaids all wear coordinated necklaces or pearl earrings for example to again, give everyone a guiding theme yet still enable them to wear their own jewelry.

Have Everyone Choose Their Favorite Piece

Another option would be to have each member of the bridal party choose a piece of their own jewelry such as a bracelet, gemstone necklace, or pair of earrings, etc.  You could then supply a special hair accessory or colorful wrap in order to give everyone an item to wear that brings the bridal party together as well.

However you choose to go about accessorizing your bridal party, as long as you keep it simple, and consider both your needs and those of your bridesmaids, everyone will be happy and everything will come together easily.  Best of all, the whole bridal party is sure to look fabulous come the big day.

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