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Oops sorry guys I didn’t get around to posting the Saturday song. It was crazy week – I went down to L.A. and back (I live in Northern Cali – it’s a 6 hour drive) in 2 days, and saw a taping of So You Think You Can Dance! Super fun. Very little sleep. Been a little crazy since I got back. So this week we have Sunday song! This song was suggested to me by a facebook fan, Ashley! I LOVE getting music suggestions from you guys, so keep them coming! The facebook page is a great place to do that. Ashley suggested this song for communion (or candle lighting, sand ceremony, etc.) but it also would be great for a processional or even first dance song. It’s beautiful! Enjoy.

In case you weren’t around this week, here’s what you missed:

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Readers, I need your help! How should I wear my bridesmaid dress?

Things I Love Thursday: I love rosettes!

Tubular dance tunes from the 1980’s

Happy Sunday!

Ashley - July 20, 2011 - 4:30 am

Oh! Thanks for the creds!!! 😀 *I really love this song!*

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